BuyersCircle, an Australian social eCommerce platform, allows influencers and consumers to open a virtual drop-shipping store in under 3 minutes.

The growing platform allows Australian influencers and aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their eCommerce dropshipping business via a mobile app that allows anyone to open a virtual store in less than 3 minutes.

BuyersCircle eTailers can monetise their social media channels by sharing unique quality products sourced locally and globally, with unique affiliate marketing links to earn commission on all sales, as the leader in social eCommerce and affiliate marketing.

The market’s only completely free, fully integrated social eCommerce platform offers products with no set minimum order quantities to share and earn.

BuyersCircle, founded by former Alibaba executives, is a collective force of online shopping, social selling, and networking poised to usher in a new era of influencer marketing in the wake of recent TGA announcements announcing restrictions on any paid promotions involving health products.

BuyersCircle Chairman Siimon Reynolds, a CEO mentor, stated that the app has changed the way businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers approach social selling.

“As more consumers and influencers and of course brands tap into those markets, it’s expected that many will want to participate in its business opportunities through affiliate marketing and product influencers,” Siimon said. 

“BuyersCircle has minimised the hassle of the logistical side of the business, including building a website, locating goods to sell, shipping to customers and payment gateways. Anyone who downloads the app can open their own online store within minutes, which is incredible and something that we haven’t seen in Australia.” 

Dynamic Business spoke with BuyerCircle Chairman Siimon Reynolds to further understand how the platform works.

“The BuyersCircle app functions as a powerful integrated social eCommerce app including a FREE eCommerce virtual store link, thousands of Dropshipping products to choose from – ready to sell, a built-in payment gateway, customer support, order management system, sales & commission dashboard, delivery logistics and social affiliate link-sharing tools,” Siimon said.

“BuyersCircle helps influencers and entrepreneurs monetise their social networks. By recommending products influencers genuinely love, use and trust to their social networks, the app becomes an extension of their brand. It helps them further monetise their product content as an evergreen income source.

“For every successful sale through eTailer’s eCommerce Store, they earn a margin of product commission which normally ranges 10 – 30 per cent.”

“The unique difference between BuyersCircle and the way that Facebook/Instagram/Twitter is operating is that although you technically have a social storefront on the social platforms, customers still need to visit different company/product sites to purchase the products individually – BuyersCircle allows the end consumer to buy everything from one store.

“BuyersCircle links can be used across all social platforms and store all your orders on one mobile app rather than having to keep track of hundreds of affiliate links for different products and websites; all your links live in one platform.”

Siimon stated that there are no subscription or payment fees. “Suppliers provide wholesale pricing, and it is also free for them to promote their products for influencers to add to their app store,” he said.

According to a recent Accenture study, global social eCommerce will grow three times faster than traditional commerce to $1.2 trillion by 2025, up from $492 billion, with the pandemic revealing online and social platforms as key entry points for consumers, reshaping how people buy and sell.

“BuyersCircle is challenging the traditional ‘pay to post’ influencer marketing strategy and instead offers influencers, big and small, to easily kick-start their own online store and sell their favourite products through their various social channels,” said Siimon Reynolds. 

BuyersCircle’s 2021 revenue of $8 million is expected to skyrocket past $150 million by 2023, representing a 1,775 per cent increase in growth trajectory in just two years with plans for global expansion in 2023, thanks to consistent increases in affiliate influencers.

Shopify eCommerce business owners, who will have 1.75 million merchants active on the platform by 2022, will also be able to focus on their core product while diversifying their product portfolio to capitalise on global trends.

The company is now focusing on the broader Australian market. In the middle of last year, it launched a platform that allows consumers to share products and great deals with their networks via popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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