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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BuyersCircle?

BuyersCircle is a social e-commerce solution provider and operator, providing BuyersCircle e-Tailers a connected social e-commerce solution, where the communities can shop from quality goods and service providers.

What is the meaning of Supplier?

A supplier is a business that has products or services to sell on the BuyersCircle platform.

What is the meaning of e-Tailer?

An e-Tailer could be anyone who wants to sell products or services on social media platforms.

What is the meaning of Community Buy Group?

A Community Buy Group is a group hosted by an e-Tailer. It allows their customer to connect with each other and interact within the group.

What's the meaning of Social e-commerce?

Social e-commerce merges a social media platform and an online shopping function. Social e-commerce allows us to connect with similar, like minded people, staying within the trusted circle of our online community. We are then able to organically discover, buy, sell and share through a unique shopping experience within our favourite social platforms.

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