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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to be a supplier?

Becoming a supplier is free and easy to do.

You can apply here! You will then be contacted by our Supplier Business Development team to discuss your products and logistics capabilities. Once approved, the team will be in contact to guide you through the next steps.

Why BuyersCircle?

BuyersCircle grew to have over 650,000 registered users, received over 1 million orders, and processed more than $72 million worth of transactions in 12 months after the first launched.

BuyersCircle E-tailers are in various forms, including but not limited to offline physical store owners, online retailers, wholesalers, influencers, or individuals who have goods or services to offer.

What are the benefits of becoming a supplier?

There are many benefits of becoming a supplier on BuyersCircle, including:

Over 14,000 e-Tailers selling on your behalf
More than 750,000 potential consumers seeing your product online
Your chance to participate in the future of shopping: Social e-commerce
It’s easy! All you have to do is fulfill the orders and deliver to our warehouse, or ideally, direct to the consumer.

Contact us NOW.

What are the requirements of becoming a supplier?

You are able to supply products in demand at affordable prices that can be shipped to the BuyersCircle warehouse in either Sydney or Melbourne.

Ideally, you can deliver the products directly to consumers.

What price should I recommend e-Tailers sell the products for?

Price strategy is particularly important to consider for suppliers. The end price to consumer should be lower than RRP and benchmarked against other platforms to ensure the price is competitive.

How do I refer potential e-Tailers to BuyersCircle?

Just like signing up to be a supplier, e-Tailers can sign up to BuyersCircle via this link. You may want to encourage some of your existing retailers to sign up as e-Tailers on BuyersCircle giving them a new sales channel to sell their products.

How can I get more sales as a supplier?

BuyersCircle has over 14,000 e-Tailers and over 650,000 Australian Chinese consumers use the platform. We have big plans to expand into the English-speaking community too. There are a few ways you can drive more sales as a supplier through this unique platform:

Promotional ideas – think about freebies you can offer such as free shipping, low wholesale price to e-Tailers and even buy one get one free on select products
High quality and captivating product content such as exciting descriptions, clear photos, are crucial in not only making it easy for e-Tailers to promote your product on your behalf, but also for more consumers to want to buy
Ensure clear product categorisation in line with BuyersCircle categories
Offer a mix of popular and low-price products to cater to a variety of audiences

How do I know which products were pushed to e-Tailers' stores?

“BuyersCircle Select” on the Chinese language platform currently lists products sourced from suppliers directly to the e-Tailers making it easy for them to keep up to date with new deals and offers they can promote to their community. This feature will be available for the Western, English-speaking community in the future. In the interim, if you don’t speak Chinese you can contact the Supplier Business Development team to find out which products were pushed to e-Tailers.

When do I get paid?

We recognise each supplier has different payment requirements. We aim to have each supplier on the same payment schedule: payment 30 days after product is delivered to our warehouse in Sydney or Melbourne.

How do I earn money as a supplier?

Earning money as a supplier is easy! After socialising the product offer with the e-Tailers, our Supplier Business Development team gets a good idea about how much product can be sold and we will contact you to place bulk orders on behalf of the e-Tailers.

What are the responsibilities of becoming a supplier?

A few responsibilities are required of BuyersCircle suppliers, luckily they shouldn’t be too hard to fulfil!

Product – provide products and product content suitable for online promotion by e-Tailers
Logistics – ship to warehouse in Sydney or Melbourne, ideally drop ship to customers (if not, you will need to factor in logistics fees into the price whilst ensuring price is affordable)
Pricing – provide the following pricing for our team’s review:
Wholesale Price – must be minimum 70% of RRP (inclusive of shipping fees) to meet the BuyersCircle overall strategy of affordable pricing
e-Tailer Selling Price – provide recommended sales price for e-Tailers to sell the products to consumers (we strongly suggest price is lower than RRP inclusive of shipping)
Order – process orders within 48 hours of receiving order form from our buying team
Inventory – make every effort to keep our team updated of potential low inventory (less than 50 units) of stock either considered for or currently being sold on BuyersCircle.

What is the meaning of Supplier?

A supplier is a business that has products or services to sell on the BuyersCircle platform.

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