As we head back into the office and get back to a level of normality we’ve compiled our top predictions for 2022’s top eCommerce products.

#1: Oh Baby there have been record pregnancies over the past two years and everyone is trying to get their hands on the best baby essentials!

#2: Back to Work lockdowns in loungewear have been great but as businesses migrate back to the office or into a hybrid routine employees will need to restock their back to work basics with comfy walking and work shoes as well as their personalised office stationery.

#3: Is anyone getting a one-way ticket around the world now that boarders are opening up? We predict everyone will be upgrading their travel accessories whilst booking and prepping for their dream holidays.

#4: Getting the kids organised is a job in itself – thankfully there are heaps of great options for parents to pack the kids backpack with their favourite snack packs and hydration bottles.

#5: As we head back into the office and city gyms it’s time to pack a day bag with all of our favourite gym gear, fashionable sportswear, sneakers and water bottles will see some great rewards in the eCommerce space.

#6: El Nina taught us the hard way that we should have been more prepared with our rain gear – brands like Hunter Gumboots are reaping the benefits of the storms – hope we won’t need them for much longer.

#7: Time to ditch the loungewear and get back into the heels – gals will be glaming up now that it’s time to hit the town again.

#8: Watch this space! Our tech watches are getting extra clever these days with smartwatch technology able to track everything from food, sleep, messages and locations – a bit scary if you think about it as a personal tracking device but very popular.

#9: Every man and his dog will be looking at the best pet accessories to keep their furry friends entertained as they head back into a hybrid workplace. Look out for automated/timed pet food dishes and home pet monitoring camera technology.

#10: Even before the Metaverse coined it’s new name and mission, VR technology has been making some major breakthroughs in technology.

#11: Entertainment Decor: Now that we can invite friends and family back into our homes hosts will turn towards trending dishware to transform their dinner tables.

#12: Alcohol will of course continue to be a top trend for decades to come but the real ones to watch in this space are the surge of brands introducing non-alcoholic beverages.

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